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One line:

A network-based multiplayer chess-like game.

Short description:

You move pieces on a board that has a fractal landscape on it. The landscape - essentially a torus - limits range of movements and visibility of pieces and it changes as the game develops. The board has a size which is unknown to the players. More than two players can participate, each one orchestrating his own kingdom, inserting pieces and moving them around. Moves can be entered at any time but are executed at fixed intervals by the server. Pieces vaguely resemble chess pieces.

The idea of the game is based on the 1980's game "Feudal" popular on HP's MPE/3000 machines.

This software was initiated as a programming-project as part of the vocational MaTA-course at Georg - Christoph - Lichtenberg - Schule in Kassel, Germany. It demonstrates server-client-programming, object-orientation, GUI - programming and the like. Internal documentation is still in German.


- network- and internet-playable with unlimited number of players
- dynamic generated infinite landscape
- savable sessions
- 10 different types of figures
  - special types like traps and wizards
  - automatically controlled figures (caravans)
- several clients like
  - console client
  - web cgi client
  - graphical client (2D and 3D using OpenGL)
- cross-platform
  - Linux
  - MacOS X
  - Windows

Copyright © 2006, Suzerain Programming Group. (Under GPL).